Unlocking growth that honors Richmond's greatest asset: its diversity

There are nine African countries from where enslaved Africans came to Greater RVA directly from the African continent. Today, Richmond's economy is poised to take flight in ways that honor its African history. Like the beautiful two-seat aircraft, we call these nine countries: the"RV-9" Group.

Today, the "RV-9" economies are booming




Sources: World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund, United States Bureau of Economic Analysis, United States Conference of Mayors


Today, the "RV-9" countries are young 

Median age ("rv-9" countries vs. usa), 2020-2100

The "RV-9" countries are young. Over the next three decades, citizens of the “RV-9" countries will be about half the age of the average US resident. Source: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Today, the "RV-9" countries are growing


Five years from now, there will be more people living in the nine countries from where RVA draws its African heritage than in the entire United States. Within 30 years, Nigeria will become more populous than the United States. By 2050, over one fourth of the world’s population will be African. By 2100, about 40% of the world’s population will be African. Within this century, there will be over one billion people living in the nine countries from where RVA draws its African heritage. The US population will likely be less than half of that for the RV-9 Group by 2100. Source: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Today, the
"RV-9" group is full of opportunity
for RVA



RVA continues to attract tomorrow's leaders, positioning Our City as a hub of innovation for the 21st Century. In fact, RVA's "innovation economy,"  is driven by an increasingly educated workforce. Yet, as RVA's tech scene continues to grow, we ask ourselves...who is benefiting from this growth? Does this group look like RVA? And how can RVA engage with West Africa's tech boom?

Agriculture SECTOR

There are a lot of opportunities to digest when we talk about how RVA can use its history to create new visions of growth beyond 2019. Speaking of digestion, it is impossible to talk about why we love our City and its diversity without talking about food. Drawing from African, Caribbean, Native American, European traditions, RVA's food culture is unparalleled. And over the past several years, it is finally getting the national acclaim it rightfully deserves.

Creative/Cultural Sector

While walking through RVA, the creative impulse that sustains this city is omnipresent. Our City was actually named a top city for creatives by Thrillist in 2016. And a year later, MovieMaker recognized RVA among the 'Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker.' From the top of Church Hill to Shockoe Bottom; from Historic Jackson Ward to the city's thriving Museum district, Richmond continues to forge new paths for creatives across a variety of mediums.